I want to hear your stories!

If you have a story you’d like to share on The Strong Stance Stories, send the written version via the submission form below.

I want to hear your stories, whether they be fact, fiction or fairytale. The story can be told thru the lens of a particular perspective that most folks don’t think about. It can be a story that traverses a long expanse of time, or a detailed account of a single event. Whatever floats your boat. I want to highlight the voices, creations, and lived experiences of transgender and gender non-conforming people.

Here are a few parameters:

1. The story should be written by YOU. I want your voice, not someone else’s. This should be your perspective, your experience, or your creative work.
2. The story should be read aloud and recorded by you. Since this is all about hearing from transgender and gender non-conforming people, I want our listeners to *actually* hear your voice! I have found that the voice memo app on a smart phone (if you have one) actually produces amazing quality, especially if you don’t have access to higher end equipment. MP3 is preferred, but we can convert it if you have another format. Let me know if you need assistance with recording your audio.
3. The ideal story should be about 10 minutes or more when read aloud, but I will consider all stories regardless of length.
4. After submitting the written version, you will be contacted for additional information and the audio file.