Bathroom Bill Breakdown

In the last several weeks, both the state of North Carolina and the city of Oxford, Alabama have passed legislation limiting or prohibiting the trans community from utilizing the public facilities of their correct gender. These bills are HB2 in North Carolina and City Ordinance 2016-18 in Oxford. Join me as I breakdown some of the points, counterpoints and realities of these bills and the harm they inflict on the trans community, as well as the complete lack of protection that they provide to the people who claim they are needed. Below you will find a number of resources that I cite throughout the episode.

NC’s HB2 full text:
Oxford’s 2016-18 full text:
2013 Williams Institute Report:
Victims charged for rape kits:
End The Backlog map & stats:
Oklahoma rape case:
Registered sex offender stats:
Teenage girl killed in school bathroom:
Chase Strangio quote:
Toni Troop quote:
Intersex population stats:
State-by-State birth certificate change laws:
SRLP “Toilet Training”:
Refuge Restrooms:

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