Benny’s June

The month of June was particularly eventful for a lot of the queer community: Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, Pride, the Pulse shooting in Orlando and more…and clearly not all of it was positive. These events affected people in different ways and, in the case of Benny Rodriguez, they weren’t the only events that made June emotionally taxing. So we sat down for a chat about…Benny’s June.

We discussed the Latinx community, the anti-blackness found at many of the aforementionedevents, and the erasure that was so blatantly evident in the wake of tragedy.

Philadelphia Trans Health Conference:
Pulse shooting:
Pete Sessions claims Pulse not Gay Nightclub:
House GOP Leaders block LGBT vote:
Gay flag burned in Adams Morgan:
Anti-gay message in Dupont Circle:
Goddess Diamond is 14th trans person murdered:
TransWomen of Color Collective:
Lady Dane Edidi:
Stanford Rapist, Brock Turner:

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