Family Matters

Each of these segments will feature a story about events involving a family member or members. I have some amazing stories for you today, about pain, about joy, and hopefully you’ll laugh a bit along the way as well.

Story Tellers:
Eli Strong [“Expectations”]
Julian [“Black and Blue”]
Ari Agha [“Aunt Miriam”]

Julian [“Black and Blue”] is a 30 something year old black trans man navigating life as a mental health professional in Washington, DC on a non-profit salary. When he’s not working, he enjoys learning about ways to be a better therapist, playing and listening to music and long walks on the beach. He can be reached at
Ari Agha [“Aunt Miriam”] is a genderqueer advocate of feminism, anti-racism and trans rights. They live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and work as a public policy researcher. They are on the Board of Directors of Calgary Outlink Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity. Ari also sings with One Voice Chorus, Calgary’s mixed voice choir for LGBTQ singers, and with the BarberEllas, an a cappella barbershop ensemble for queer gals and pals. They can be reached at

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