Relationship Politics: Race & Gender Identity in Dating

On this episode of The Strong Stance, we will open the dialogue on gender, race and interracial dating because the reality is that we aren’t as progressive as we like to think we are.  The reality is that race and gender do play critical roles in our relationships and how outsiders view those connections–more than we admit in public, polite society.  Tune into this show as we talk about the reality and the misconceptions of interracial dating. In what ways do race and gender identity play a role in who we have romantic relationships with? Is the personal really political? And for all the prejudice and expectations that are heaped on couples that come from different backgrounds, is that hardship lessened in the LGBTQ community, or is it just more of the same?

Melvin Whitehead

Derrick Gunter
Tiffany Mott-Smith
Lee Winnike
Shaan Michael Wade

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