Is the T Transitioning Out of LGBT?

When it comes to the referring to larger “gay” or “queer” community (and I’m using air quotes here), most people and organizations have settled on the acronym LGBT, or Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. While each of these individuals are not identical, nor do they sometimes even share some of the same characteristics, they have found themselves grouped together as one collective community. But why is that? And what are the benefits of the collective versus the individual, or rather the collective and the splintering off of one particular segment of that community? There is an ongoing debate as to whether transgender people really belong in the same category as the rest of the community. So tonight we are going to discuss that. Does the T truly fit in the acronym and why…or is the T transitioning out of LGBT?

Joining me tonight to discuss this issue are two special guests: Percy Cramer and Christian Heck.

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