Transgender Wellness: Access to Care

Access to health care has lately been a hotly debated topic, both inside and outside of the transgender and genderqueer community. What’s covered, what’s not, who is covered and who is not. It’s a discussion that cuts across class, race, sex, and gender identity. Now, with the Affordable Care Act, there is even more debate and discussion. A good number of these decisions particularly affect the trans\* community.

Tonight,  Danielle Askini – Policy Director at Basic Rights Oregon, will join us to discuss the current climate of health care as it relates to the trans\* and queer community and the access and/or hurdles to competent and comprehensive care. Danielle joined Basic Rights Oregon from Seattle, Washington where she was the founding executive director of Gender Justice League – a Trans\* Activist Collective where she worked to repeal Trans Health Insurance exclusions in Washington, launch Trans\* Pride Seattle – the largest Trans\* event in the Pacific Northwest, and mobilizing to include Trans people in HIV Prevention and testing efforts in Washington State.

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